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ColorFull  1.1
ColorFull::Monomial Class Reference

#include <Monomial.h>

Public Member Functions

 Monomial ()
 Monomial (double dnum)
 Monomial (int num)
 Monomial (std::string str)
void conjugate ()
void read_in_Monomial (std::string filename)
void write_out_Monomial (std::string filename) const

Public Attributes

int pow_TR
int pow_Nc
int pow_CF
int int_part
cnum cnum_part

Detailed Description

A class to contain the factor of form TR^a*Nc^b*CF^c*int_part*cnum_part, where the powers a, b and c may be negative. A default Monomial is defined to be 1, and has int_part and cnum_part=1. A 0-Monomial has int_part=0. A polynomial is a sum of Monomials.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Monomial() [1/4]

ColorFull::Monomial::Monomial ( )

Default constructor sets int_part=cnum_part=1, and pow_Nc=pow_TR=pow_CF=0.

◆ Monomial() [2/4]

ColorFull::Monomial::Monomial ( double  dnum)

Constructor using a double. The cnum_part member is set to contain the value.

◆ Monomial() [3/4]

ColorFull::Monomial::Monomial ( int  num)

Constructor using an int. The int_part member is set to contain the value.

◆ Monomial() [4/4]

ColorFull::Monomial::Monomial ( std::string  str)

Constructor taking a string as argument. The argument should be of the form in for example -(20*TR^5)/Nc or -20 TR^(5)/Nc or 20 / TR^(-5)Nc^(1) CF^(3). NOTE: All spaces and * are ignored, except in "*(-1)" and *-1, which is understood as (*-1). EVERYTHING standing after / is divided with, whereas everything standing before is multiplied with. Parentheses are ignored unless they appear in powers, i.e., directly after ^. No spaces are allowed inside the powers. If the string contains no info or is empty the Monomial is put to 1, pow_TR = pow_Nc = pow_CF = 0, int_part = 1, cnum_part = 1.0. (Expanded Mathematica 8 expressions are in this form.)

Member Function Documentation

◆ conjugate()

void ColorFull::Monomial::conjugate ( )

Take the complex conjugate. Note that this changes the Monomial itself.

◆ read_in_Monomial()

void ColorFull::Monomial::read_in_Monomial ( std::string  filename)

Function for reading in the Monomial from the file filename, uses Monomial_of_str.

◆ write_out_Monomial()

void ColorFull::Monomial::write_out_Monomial ( std::string  filename) const

Function for writing out the Monomial to a file with name filename.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cnum_part

cnum ColorFull::Monomial::cnum_part

Complex number multiplying the monomial.

◆ int_part

int ColorFull::Monomial::int_part

Integer multiplying the monomial, can be 0.

◆ pow_CF

int ColorFull::Monomial::pow_CF

Power of CF=TR (Nc^2-1)/Nc.

◆ pow_Nc

int ColorFull::Monomial::pow_Nc

Power of the number of colors.

◆ pow_TR

int ColorFull::Monomial::pow_TR

Power of TR in Monomial.

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