colorfull is hosted by Hepforge, IPPP Durham


ColorFull is a C++ code for calculations in QCD (SU(Nc)) color space.

A reference manual, for ColorFull is published in EPJC and available at the
arXiv, a superficial overview is given in the Functionality section below, a
technical overview is available on the documentation main page, and technical
details can be found by browsing the documentation.


ColorFull can
  • Square any QCD color amplitude and calculate any interference.

  • Create a trace type basis for any number of quarks and gluons.

  • Read in and write out color bases.

  • Calculate scalar product matrices, i.e., the matrices of scalar products
    between the basis vectors.

  • Describe the effect of gluon exchange, including calculating the color
    soft anomalous dimension matrices.

  • Describe the effect of gluon emission.

From Herwig 7, ColorFull is shiped with the Herwig code.


ColorFull 1.1 may be downloaded here and the old versions are available here:
0.99, 0.90.


After unpacking (using for example "tar -zxvf ColorFull-1.1.tar.gz"), ColorFull
is installed, "as normally", i.e., using ./configure, make, make install, see the
README file in the unpacked directory.

Getting started

To get acquainted with ColorFull, have a look at the file in the
Examples directory, and try modifying the lines. The is compiled
with "make" and can be run directly in the Examples directory, "./ColorPlay".


ColorFull, is written by Malin Sjödahl, and (the Matchbox interface) by Simon
Plätzer. ColorFull is the work horse behind the color structure in the
SU(3) parton shower by Malin Sjödahl and Simon Plätzer, and has also been
used for electroweak Higgs plus three jet production at NLO. Please cite
the ColorFull reference manual arXiv:1412.3967 if you use ColorFull for research.