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ColorFull  1.1


ColorFull is a C++ package for color summed calculations in QCD.
It can be used as a stand alone package or be interfaced to Herwig++
via Matchbox. These doxygen auto-generated pages contain technical
details of the ColorFull library.

Technical overview

Here a brief overview of the ColorFull classes is given, for details
navigate these documentation pages.

To treat the color structure ColorFull uses the classes:

  • Quark_line: a Polynomial times a closed (1,2,3,4)=Tr(t^g1 t^g2 t^g3 t^g4)
    or an open {1,3,4,2}=(t^g3 t^g4)^q1_q2 quark-line.
  • Col_str: a Polynomial*(product of Quark_lines).
  • Col_amp: a sum of Col_strs + Scalar. Scalar is a Polynomial and is used for
    containing the Polynomial resulting after having contracted all color indices.
  • Col_basis, Trace_basis, Tree_level_gluon_basis and Orthogonal_basis:
    These are basis classes for containing QCD color bases. A basis vector
    is a Col_amp.

Apart from this, ColorFull also has simple classes for basic treatment of the
result arising from color contraction:

  • Monomial: Nc^pow_Nc*CF^pow_CF*TR^pow_TR*int_part*cnum_part
  • Polynomial: a sum of Monomials
  • Poly_vec: a vector of Polynomials
  • Poly_matr: a matrix of Polynomials

Finally there is a library class for evaluations:

  • Col_functions: This is a library class with functions for:
    • numerical evaluation
    • leading Nc evaluation
    • scalar products
    • gluon exchange
    • gluon emission
    • color correlator < c | T_i T_j | c >
    • soft anomalous dimension color matrices